We are a committed team of technical generalists and industry veterans who collaborate worldwide on technology product development initiatives.


There are so many ways to invent and design technology, and so many variables, that (despite the best of intentions) the process can quickly spiral out of control. Regardless of your business domain or application, KREK is well positioned to bring not only tangible reality to your vision, but the kind of calm and stability that only comes from experience.

Every young person who imagines a career in engineering pictures themselves working on new inventions. The reality is, very few ever actually get the chance. We feel fortunate to have built a way of life around taking part in the process of contributing to the state of the art.


From our earliest days, we have prioritized financial or board membership support for a variety of aligned causes from music education and conservation to services that help those in recovery to find gainful employment.

Our conservation initiative includes the protection and preservation of 40 acres of wilderness in a critical highland watershed near the North Shore of Lake Superior.