Krekeltronics is the combined effort of a group of otherwise independent technologists who have banded together to openly share the most valuable worldly commodities: experience, skills, talents, and time. Typically, our work involves designing and developing software with hardware integration for innovative product design efforts. Clients benefit from a team approach much like a traditional consulting firm.

However, by structuring around minimal operations and with no need for complex leadership hierarchies, overhead is low. In this way, we are able to keep rates competitive while using 100% of our profit for charitable endeavors.

Because Krekeltronics consists primarily of senior technologists each with their own deep networks, we have the experience to offer a broad range of solutions without compromise.


We approach every project as a whole team, regardless of who specifically will be contributing. Collaboration happens on an ongoing basis, sharing ideas and suggestions across projects and disciplines. This allows for consistency in process and approach not unlike a traditional agency, but without the cost or cultural disconnect inherent to firms with dedicated executives.

While our roots are firmly planted in Minnesota, folks are distributed throughout the world and we are well accustomed to working virtually.


Life's adventures and a driving motivation to contribute are what compel us to do this together. We are parents, expatriates, musicians, home brewers, and conservationists. A countercultural spirit and confidence in the potential of a group of people with a common interest is woven into our very nature. 

Some things matter a whole lot more than the bottom line. For us, everything stems from personal connection, and this is where fiscal balance meets sustainability of relationships and what they produce. Between members and with clients and partners, the arbitrary lines blur and the work is better for it. Some may call it gestalt.

It is not half so important to know as to feel.
— Rachel Carson

What brings us together is not only an attraction to compelling technology problems and their solutions, but a shared desire to do things in a new way. With an inherent curiosity about the world that surrounds us, we select projects that pose interesting questions.


Are you a current or aspiring independent technologist looking to join a collaborative effort? We are always interested in connecting with new folks, hearing your stories, and sharing what we've found.